If you want to make us a money donation, send us an email, we will tell you our Bank account 🙂

Here is a list of stuff we need, to keep our occupation going. If you want to make us a donation,

Part of our movement is also the criticism of capitalism. That’s why we are happy if you don’t necessarily buy donations but, for example, first look at what you still have at home in a corner that you don’t need anymore. Maybe it is very useful for us! We like to get things brought to us that would otherwise have been thrown away. You can dumpsterdive, or also ask for old things at various businesses, for example hospitals for old bed sheets or climbing hall for old ropes.

Very needed right now:

  • A guitar
  • Smartphones
  • Dumpsterdived food
  • Cameras working in the cold
  • Nails and screws of all size
  • Nails 300mm
  • Metal corners and hinges
  • Nice banners
  • A small stove

Always useful:

  • Camping supplies: pots and pans in all sizes, cuttlery, winter-proof sleeping bags, blankets, tarps, tents, camping mats, backpacks, gas cookers, gas cartridges, propane gas and lighter gas, waterproof shoes, knives, camping lamps
  • Clothes: gloves, warm socks, winter and waterproof jackets, trousers, thermal underwear, jumpers, ski trousers, shoes ( boots, hiking shoes), T-shirts, hats, scarves, snow rackets.
  • Building materials and tools:  plancs, pallets, beams, windows (double-glazed), saws, knives, axes, crowbars, screws, nails, hammers, battery-powered tools, hand tools, duct tape, pickaxes, shovels, isolation material (straw, hemp, foam), hinges, hooks, real matresses, measuring sticks,
  • Electronic equipment: Powerbanks, headlamps, mobile phones, walkie-talkies, already activated sim cards, digital cameras, , photovoltaic equipment, batteries (AAA), USB sticks
  • Hygiene/medicine: toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand disinfectant, wound disinfectant, first aid kits, vegan condoms, tampons, mooncups
  • Food (If possible dumpsterdived, otherwise vegan, preferably organic, regional and palm oil-free), e.g.:  basic food(noodles, potatoes, lentils, buckweed), tinned food (strained tomatoes, beans, chickpeas …), other long-lasting food, spices, garlic and onions, oil for frying and salads
  • Climbing equipment climbing harnesses, 6 mm accessory rope, screwor three-way carabiners, abseiling eights, 10-11 mm climbing rope (static/semi-static), slings, pulleys, 9/10 mm climbing rope (dynamic), screw links, shackles, throw-in bags and throwing line, polyprop rope (8 to 14 mm).
    Please always label used climbing equipment with type, date of purchase, duration and intensity of use (stick a note on it, do not write directly on it).
  • Miscellaneous sledges, dry firewood, lighters, candles, oil lamps, lamp oil, wheelbarrows, bicycle trailers, paper/blocks, Eddings and other pens, paint, brushes, bed sheets, safety pins, sewing kit, hose cloths, large and small boxes for food storage, water canisters suitable for drinking water in all sizes (10-1000l), carpets, interesting books, music instruments, fire extinguishers, sofas, nets, broom, pillows, blankets

If you are bringing to much at once to be able to carry, send us an email, we will tell you what to do 🙂