Skillshare in Nora 219a! We’d like to invite you to participate in our theoretical and practical workshops 🏳️‍🌈 in the spirit of equality, inclusivity and support, in a non-hierarchical space. 🏴



29th of May to 6th of June



In the occupation Nora219Ⓐ. If you need help organizing your arrival, contact us at: 📧
Important note: the skillshare will take place inside our forest occupation in the 219a section. We will do all we can to provide you with a safe space, but we need you to be conscious of the possible repercussions. 🛂

What should I bring?

It would be nice to take, in addition to this list, dumpsterdived food from your own town because dumpsterdiving close to Nora is not possible. Take your own cutlery, if you can.
Participation is of course free, you can come any day you want and stay as long as you see fit.
Don’t take any soap, even biodegradable. You can wash yourself in the river, but without product. The only exeptions are biodegradable toothpaste and hand sanitiser.


Over these few days we will share our knowledge on activism, nature protection, direct action, queer, feminism, construction, self-care, anti-discriminatory work, DIY and more. You can find full programme here.

In addition, during the event, an open space will be available, i.e. a space where each person will be able to offer something from themselves without having to make an announcement in advance.

If you want to give a workshop, send an email to us at and we will add you to the programm. There will also be open slots so you can write your workshops on the plan once you are in Nora. 💡

Travel costs
If you would like to come but need some transportation money, send us an email at before the 14th of Mai, we have some money we can give for transportation (especially if you give a workshop).

Taking into account our safety in the ongoing pandemic, all workshops will be held in small groups, in compliance with the current sanitary regulations. 😷

The event is held thanks to a Feminist Fund grant.