29.05 Saturday

“Radical Resilience” – film projection and discussion
“Radical Resilience” is a film for anyone involved in social or environmental change, that aims to spread awareness and encourage discussion about the effects of burnout within our movements, both individually and collectively.

How sustainable are our movements? Do we gain strength from our activism or does it burn us out? Are our group dynamics supportive or are they sometimes draining? How do mechanisms of oppression and privilege play into it all? And how can we improve things and move towards more caring, inclusive and resilient forms of activism??

30.05 Sunday

Imaginary workshop – Up For Europe.
by deconstructing the imaginaries produced by our societies, the aim of this workshop is to produce creatively and with the help of games images of Europe desired by young people for tomorrow.

An overview of european student occupation strikes.
“I’ll talk about the Croatian 2009 student movement. A 35-day long occupation of a part of the Zagreb University inspire students in other cities to join. The protests were held against the government’s plan to cut public funding of higher education, but the collective model of decisionmaking that emerged – a so-called “plenum” – was later adapted by other movements, such as the workers movement. A book written about the action is called „The Occupation Cookbook or the Model of the Occupation of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb”. This will be my point of reference to introducing the KKHP movement and the student occupations in Poland in 2018.”

Climbing part 1: knots, materials, safety

31.05 Monday

Vinyasa yoga with yin yoga elements

Weed resistance – Rozkwity on the basics of herbology
a workshop on learning self-sufficiency and independence from various weeds, teaching the basics of herbology and creation of various preserves and remedies.

Body / voice / emotions in our relationship with nature – Black Rose
There is a deep bond between the body and nature. However you look at it, your body is the closest thing to nature you have. It connects us to the universe, it is made of the same matter as stars, trees, rivers, animals and stones. What is more – that same matter circulates through our bodies continuously. That which is a cloud will be my tears, my blood. That which is a ray of sunshine will be warmth and energy inside of me. That which is wind will be by breath, the soil will be my tissues.”
Ryś Kulik

What can I do for the forest? What the forest can do for me? How can we meet, get closer, understand our connection? During our workshop we’ll explore the physical interaction with the forest space, examine its stucture, shapes, sizes using different senses. We’ll also work with ourselves, trying to – if only for a moment – shed the human skin and perspective. We’ll test how the information we gathered could influence the expression of our voice and together sing the free-flowing song of the forest.

Climbing basics

Climbing part 2: caterpillars, eights, tapes

1.06 Tuesday

Climbing basics and knots repetition

2.06 Wednesday

Stage improv workshop.
Improv is a method of stage-form creations without a screenplay. It usually also discards flashy stage designs and props – when the actors come out on stage, they depend only on each other and together they have to build their whole story from scratch. Iprov teaches – first and foremost – trust of the other person, faith in that – whenever i fall, they will pick me up, and willingness to do the same for them. It is also important to add that – by practicing improv, you also develop skills that are practical off-stage. Those skills could be – listening to the other person, reacting to them, cooperation. Improv can help break your fear of speaking in a group setting and facilitate relationships within a team. It lessens your fear of failure and shows that by losing you can achieve more thans by succeeding itself.

Possibility Management as a tool for dealing with emotions in activism
We’d like to share with you our maps that will show you new possibilities in sitting with your emotions, both in activism and in everyday life. We’ll work in a circle, in pairs and in a group. We’ll use the tools of Possibility Management. This workshop is a way for us to share something important to us with the world – we are both happy and a bit scared! If you’d like to experiment within a safe space – we invite you to join!

Bondage Workshop.

Hatha Yoga.

Climbing basics.

Climbing part 3: up and down, rescue.

Mindfulness/ theater games/ non-verbal communication.
I would like to do some group exercises I have learned for building up a theater ensemble’s group feeling.
We will move a lot, watch what the people around us are doing and try to develop a non-verbal communication.

3.06 Thursday

Digital platforms for design work, creative problem-solving, framing and operations of national administration – an interdisciplinary exchange of experiences.
A workshop inspired by corporate experience, where a lot of workflow solutions collide, time-saving tools eat up hours of your time and most importantly – what pros and cons in can bring into developing your projects – especially looking into the structural interference of some applications in questions of hierarchy and inclusivity.
Another thing is microspaces of decisionmaking that are embedded in the law. To underline their importance, i’ll be sharing my (uncommon in political activism) experience in some misaliances in the law. Creative problem solving is a crucial tool for any initiative with a small budget – i’ll use its importance to connect the question of national administration and actual working solutions.

Herb skillshare
Get to know some of the herbs that grow around Nora. We’ll talk about different medicinal and edible herbs, trees and weeds, have some fun and connect with our surroundings.

Natural incense and herbal tobacco – Rozkwity
a collective preparation of natural tied incence or herbal tobacco. A simple and good alternative to palo santo (going extinct) or white sage and the commonly used tobacco, currently produced by international corporations that exploit people and nature.

How to make a succesful livestream from your event? – Marta and Konrad from Greenpeace
1. how to check the internet speed before the live and decide its doability
2. how to check for mobile transmitters and decide the location for your livestream
3. the necessary equipment
4. what to pay attention to in terms of sound – where to stand to avoid having wind blow into your mic, how to prepare your mic for windy conditions
5. what to pay attention to in terms of visuals
6. what to show in order to keep your viewers interested

Climbing part 4: knowledge of trees, throwing the line up and putting on a point, cowtails.

4.06 Friday

Empathy circle combined with writing, reading or translating haiku.

Nora 219a zine
Let’s gather and create! In this skillshare we’ll learn how to make zines (small DIY magazines) and capture a piece of Nora219A on paper. It can be experiences from Nora, thoughts about queer-feminism, random scribbles, poems about the trees, paintings, whatever! All creation is good. You can also make a zine for yourself or around a completely different topic.
(There will be materials provided, but if you have old magazines, newspapers, markers etc laying around it’s great if you bring them!)

Permaculture and forest inspirations
during this short (2+ hours) introduction to permaculture we’ll focus mainly on how the natural forest can inspire us in our strive for independence. We’ll explore the values that form the foundation of permaculture and outline the resulting methods of settlement and garden design. Together we’ll observe the organism that is a natural forest and draw conclusions useful in our future gardening projects.

Hatha yoga

Climbing basics

Climbing part 5: rescue repetition, putting on and using traverses, pulley system.

5.06 Saturday

Non-violent communication – NVC – Skrzypologia
NVC – although treated by some people as a method of communication – is actually a radical way of seeing the world and functioning within it, which makes it more of a philosophy with practical communication elements. It is based on a belief that all people have the same needs and differ in strategies they choose to meet those needs. Unfortunately, because of our habits, convictions and cultural norms, a lot of the strategies we choose in our lives are ineffective.

Marshall Rosenberg – the creator of NVC – calls them “the tragic strategies”. For example – when our desire for a deeper relationship with another person makes us nag at them, which makes them defend themselves, and that leads us into an argument, when all both of us need is closeness and connection. The fundament of NVC is a belief that every person has an innate need for giving and that by sacrificing ourselves we only add to the suffering in the world, while it would make more sense to meet our own needs first and then share what we have with lightness and joy. 

During the workshop we will learn the core foundations of NVC and share basic tools for building a deep connection with our own selves – and then with other people.

Feminist pussy embroidery workshop – Feminitka
embroidery workshop in which the participants will draw and embroider their own design on a 10cm frame.

Postcards to political prisoners
Too many of our friends are in prison, let’s write them letters to make their day a bit better

Hatha yoga.

Climbing part 6: structures – skypod, tripod, bipod, monopod, platforms!

6.06 Sunday

Climbing part 7: structures follow-up – skypod, tripod, bipod, monopod, platforms.